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All types of adoption:

If you're thinking about adopting, turn to the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers. Our legal team can help you with a variety of different adoption types. The firm is committed to ensuring you receive all the information you need!

• Relative adoption

• Step-parent adoption

• Foster parent adoptions

• Agency adoptions

• Adoption litigation

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Adoption can be a sensitive subject for many couples, especially when the circumstances regarding the adoption are taken fully into account.


But don't be daunted by the legal process for an adoption: contact the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers today and learn everything you'll need to know about adoption!

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The compassionate, caring, and understanding attorneys at the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers will sit down with you and speak one-on-one, so that your needs are truly understood.

Since 2010, the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers has been providing Shasta County residence with legal counsel

for adoptions.

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