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Understand Your Custody and Visitation Rights

Explore custody options:

Divorce is never easy, but things are further complicated when children are involved. Whether you're seeking custody of your child or you and your spouse are retaining custodial rights, the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers can help you!

• Modification of custody or support

• Custody and visitation rights

• Paternity and father's rights

• Non-parents' rights

• Joint and sole custody arrangements

Find help for contested custody and custody battles

Among the most contested laws, custody rights and visitation arrangements can aggravate the already stressful circumstances of a divorce.


But with the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers on your side, you'll get the information you need to explore all of your available custody and visitation options!

Find the right custody plan

The Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers helps you to explore all custody plans: joint physical custody, joint or sole legal custody, or even joint sole custody.

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The Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers has over 7 years' experience with custody and related cases!

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