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Dependency law assistance:

When children are involved in a legal dispute, circumstances become more complex: are social services involved? Does the child have a guardian? What's in the child's best interest? This is where the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers can help!

• Support payment negotiations

• Support payment disputes

• Support terms and agreements

• Litigation when negotiation fails

• Service for payers and payees

Ensure you've got representation in your corner

In many cases, an agreement concerning child support payments can be reached. When a deal can't be made, the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers will aggressively represent your rights, bringing the weight of our experience to bear on your case.

Seek an end to your

legal battle

Whenever it's possible, the legal team at the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers will work with all parties to come to an agreement regarding your child support arrangement.

The Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers works with clients who pay and receive

child support for

your convenience!

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