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Combat Domestic Violence with Legal Support

Find the protection

you need:

Under normal conditions, you'd never assume you'd need court protection from violence or abuse. But when the unthinkable becomes reality, a restraining order from the Law Office of Jennifer E. Ayers can discourage or prevent these actions.

• Restraining orders

• Orders established, lifted

• Child-related domestic violence

• Civil harassment orders

• Protection orders

Establish legal protection for other areas of your life

Worried about what might happen to your children in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe? A legal guardianship can establish a designated legal guardian, so that your children aren't turned over to Human Services, if the unimaginable were to occur.


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How do restraining

orders work?

Restraining orders are designed to protect your from further harm and to keep your abuser away from you at work or home. These orders are civil and don't result in a criminal record.

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